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Dynamic Medicine: the start of a new online journal


We are delighted to welcome you to the new online journal, Dynamic Medicine. This journal is available on the World Wide Web, as well as through PubMed Central,, the National Institute of Health's repository for biomedical research articles, and from the BioMed Central website Readers have free access to articles in Dynamic Medicine, at anytime and from anywhere, without restrictions. Articles are available in full text and journal/PDF form, and can be freely downloaded and printed out. If a higher quality printed version of an article is preferred there is also the option to purchase reprints.

We aim to complete the peer review process for research articles within one month of receipt and to publish the final version of papers within one month of acceptance. With electronic submission, this means that your research article can reach the scientific community two months after you submit. We believe that this speedy-publishing policy saves your time and facilitates your research processes such as grant proposals . Our Editorial Board members will play a decisive role in selecting authors for extensive, up-to-date reviews and selecting appropriate referees for each research article. To achieve fair, fast refereeing and publication, decisions on which articles to publish in Dynamic Medicine will be in the combined hands of an Editor-in-Chief and a member of the Editorial Board. No articles will be rejected without the advice of either a working scientist in the relevant field, the Editor-in-Chief or one of the scientists of the Editorial Board. Moreover, when a paper is refereed, at least one reviewer could be chosen from a list of referees provided by the authors.

Advantages to authors

Authors will retain copyright of their papers.

Papers can be published with their full and final citation immediately with no delay or loss of priority, which happens when a paper has to wait until it is printed for its citation.

Articles, with their full citation, can be sent at an earlier stage to PubMed, meaning that they will be noticed more quickly.

Articles are submitted electronically, saving mailing costs and mailing delays (see the instructions for authors

Colour figures can be included without concern of the cost to the author of reproducing them in print.


Dynamic Medicine encompasses all aspects of research relating to dynamic medicine, including methodologies for evaluation of human function at work, exercise medicine, exercise physiology, and sports medicine in health and disease.

Dynamic medicine will encompass scientific studies that evaluate human function in both health and disease. This includes mechanistic clinical studies, studies of human physiology, and methodological studies that improve our ability to evaluate human function.


All forms of publication face costs and Dynamic Medicine is no exception. Costs to the authors will be $500 per published article. Waiver of this publication fee for some articles is possible and can be negotiated with the Editorial staff [we do hope that success of Dynamic Medicine will allow us to raise the funds to reduce the costs of the journal].


Dynamic Medicine plans to publish several types of articles with peer-review.

  1. 1.

    Research articles with a fast track peer review process

  2. 2.

    Editorials on specific topics that are of current interest to our area of research

  3. 3.

    Reviews covering important issues in the scope of Dynamic Medicine

  4. 4.

    Conference abstracts and proceedings


Dynamic Medicine is an exciting opportunity to improve the publication of scientific articles in our field of study. Please join us (by submitting articles and make this opportunity a reality.

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