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Table 1 Means (SD) of post-operative time, clinical and functional knee society scores, and isometric peak torques (ISO_PT) of quadriceps and hamstrings of the SR and MR limbs.

From: Biomechanical influence of TKA designs with varying radii on bilateral TKA patients during sit-to-stand

  SR Limb MR Limb
Post-operative time (mo.) 34(8) 86(31)
Clinical Score 93.9(6.9) 94.0(6.9)
Functional Score 88.7(18.0) 88.7(18.0)
ISO_PT of quadriceps (Nm) 150.7 (76.0) 124.3 (23.4)
ISO_PT of hamstrings (Nm) 80.1 (42.3) 98.2 (91.5)